Our Vision Statement

The vision of Spirit Fire Church is to
bring people from tradition and
religion into a deep and personal
relationship with Jesus Christ. It is our
vision that all will know who we are in
Christ and who Christ is in us.

Spirit Fire is a Christ centered, family
oriented, multicultural church,
dynamically teaching the Word of Life
and faith to believers. Through
outreach, missions, and satellite
schools, we are sharing the message
of Jesus Christ with our community
and the world.

We at Spirit Fire are called to prayer,
true discipleship and a life of
witnessing. God has called us to be a
people of purpose, praise, prayer, and
power. We believe the preaching of
the pure Word of God will make a
dramatic difference in the lives of
those who hear and receive.
Join us Sunday 10:00am, Wednesday 7:00pm and Thursday 9:00am For Dynamic Bible Study and Healing School