Prison Ministry
Prison Ministry
A Heartfelt Letter from a Student

July 17, 2012

Pastor Rush,

…I have had the extreme privilege over the last five or six years to take your degree
program. I cannot count the ways that these studies have graced and blessed my life.
Your kindness over this time period has made taking the lessons a real joy.

Speaking of joy, Betty G. who has been my proctor, grader, and encourager over this
long period of time, has been a real godsend to me. People such as Betty are the hidden
organs in the Body of Christ, the church, often unseen, but indispensable.

…I am well on my way to finishing my second year…

Again, please accept my heartfelt thanks for all you have done for me. I will strive to do
the very best job I am capable of.



October 3, 2012

Dear Spirit Fire Church ,

I thank you for the letter of encouragement. It is always good to know that the things you
are learning and trying to put to work in our lives, is taking place in our walk of trying to
be seers and doers of the Word. Sometimes we don’t see the fruit of our spirit growing or
things in our lives changing until something happens and we get tested. I thank you for
all the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God and His Word, and He has used
Spirit Fire Church to be the hands that are taking it to the people (planting the seed and
watering it) as God joins in to make it grow. Thanks again, you have made me feel as
part of the family. May God bless you all in the work you are doing for Him.

God Bless You


I am very grateful for this course [Faith, the Finished Work of Jesus mini-course], and
many more to come. Since I've been doing this course, it has really help me with God's
Word and I look forward doing more courses with you. God Bless You.