Spirit Fire Church -Meet Our Pastor--Dr. Pat Rush

Dr. Pat Rush is an author, pastor, composer, and national/international speaker. She is
the mother of two adult children, daughter Cheryl and son Chris. Dr. Pat’s life and
ministry give testimony of how she trusts the Lord in every area of her life and finds that
God is faithful. Dr. Pat’s life and ministry are illustrations of a life touched by God and
planted on the solid Rock. She has keen insight into God’s supernatural ways. She
speaks, writes, and lives under a great anointing of the Spirit. When she talks about
Father, you know she lives in His Presence. Her life gives testimony of how she has
trusted the Lord in every area of her life and found that God is faithful. Her faith has
given hope and encouragement to countless men and women. Her talents are numerous,
all pointing to the creative spirit within her. She has a keen sense of humor, an
unquenchable thirst for music, a desire to know more about our Lord, and a gift to teach.
Dr. Pat is like a fountain ready to erupt with creative ideas she receives from the Lord.

Dr. Pat has a lifetime of “LIFE” experiences from which to draw upon for her books. The
subject matter of Dr. Pat’s writing epitomizes her unique qualifications as an author. As
the saying goes—she has been there, done that, and did not even get the tee shirt.

Many would have been crushed by the circumstance which Dr. Pat has encountered. She
knows first hand what it is like for God to take you from enduring as a victim into living a
life of victory through Jesus. The strength of character molded throughout those times
reflects her trust and commitment to the Lord. Her testimony is that He made a miracle
out of very difficult circumstances. God took what looked impossible and turned it around
into a productive, victorious life lived through and for Him. She has learned to live and
minister by His grace above anything which would deem itself more powerful than God’s
plan and purpose. Dr. Pat, true to her call and commitment to the Holy One of Israel,
rises above all the circumstances and continues the journey He has for her, joyfully
victorious over any and all attacks from a committed Christian’s adversary. Her life has
always been one that has been totally sold out and trusting God for everything He has
called her to do. She will always say to others, “It has always looked impossible. He
supplies all the possibilities as I abide in Jesus and Him in me. It’s all because of Jesus.”

Her writing shares what can happen in a life that totally embraces God’s promises. The
words that come off the pages of her books are practical and empowering. They lift the
readers above the circumstances in their lives at the moment. Those anointed words
then cause them to look toward God’s promises as He gives them a joyous daily walk in
their present as they victoriously head toward their future. The result is a stable and
steady life which impacts those around them.

Dr. Pat’s love for the Lord is awesome to behold. Pat has experienced some difficult
times. Yet during those times, she never turned away from God, and He never gave up
on her. Our heavenly Father has allowed Dr. Pat to compose prose, poetry, and music
for us to enjoy. The music the Lord has given her encompasses instrumentals, piano and
praise & worship songs. In her music, in her messages from the pulpit, and in her daily
life, she continually practices with joy all the elements of God’s power to care for and
sustain His children. Whatever she speaks, writes, or plays as a musician…all gives glory
to God and centers on Him.

A vital Scripture she has learned in ministry, music, and writing is John 15:5 … for without
Me ye can do nothing (Jesus). She lives in the awareness of that while abiding in God’s
Word. She has personally experienced miracles. Her desire is for her life to be a
reflection of the glory of God.

Her music and memories go hand in hand, for it soaks in God’s presence and her heart
before entering this world. Yet, more important than that, it has the heart of Jesus singing
into lives every time it is played. It lifts people to a place she has already been and draws
them to the throne of God.

There have been testimonies of how this anointed music has broken yokes and lifted
burdens from those oppressed by a depressive challenge. Fears have been released
and peace has replaced unrest in individuals’ uptight worlds. Pastors have witnessed to
clarity of mind while using her background music as a study aid.

Dr. Pat’s CDs are your invitation to come and join her in the presence of the Lord. Her
books are a ladder to climb out of whatever pit it may seem like you are in, up into the
victorious life Jesus died to give you. Her messages from the pulpit challenge you with
the love God has for you, urging you to respond and receive all He has made available
through Christ Jesus.

Dr. Pat Rush is a unique gift He has given the world.
To schedule a conference or workshop with Dr. Pat Rush, you may contact her at:

Spirit Fire Church                                                      
P.O. Box 2308
Titusville,  FL 32780
Phone: (321) 383 4652  


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